My happy place: UK

In the beginning of May we finally got to visit the UK again. After nearly 3 years. It still feels a little like coming home.

IMG_0235 IMG_0245 IMG_0255

 The first couple of days we stayed in Surrey.


IMG_0345 IMG_0377 IMG_0429 IMG_0430  IMG_0472 IMG_0475 IMG_0483

For the last couple of days we went to stay in London, Islington.

IMG_0514 IMG_0575  IMG_0555


And the ferry home seemed rather photogenic too :-)


IMG_0601 IMG_0610 IMG_0613 IMG_0636


Hello, welcome to my world!

To be honest, I do not know exactly what this place will look like or what will be the goal. And for the past time that kept me from starting. One morning I thought; instead of just dreaming and trying to get the perfect idea, get started! And enjoy the journey. So. Yes. That is what this little space on the world wide web will be; a journey doing and posting things I like, discovering what I want and growing as a person.

I have to warn you though; it will be a lot about aesthetics. I love my eyes and everything they see.