Photography school – The End

Whoop, whoop! I’ve passed my exam last Saturday. I am so happy and proud. I’m a photographer now. Wow! It was such a good year. Learned so much. Met so many nice people. Had to step outside my comfort zone quite a lot. Which was good. Scary, but good. Had great class mates. Just perfect.


Now I am scared too, I want to keep photography in my life. It’s a must. Like water almost. And ideally partly professionally too. But how? I have no idea. Yet. Until now I could hide behind the fact I was still learning. That is not possible anymore. So if anyone reads this blog and is interested in a collaboration, please let me know :-)

Below are some photo’s I really like, taken during the lessons of the past year (from the lessons business photography, wedding photography, Photoshop  and street photography).

Big Love,


At random

Since the start of this blog, I kept a file with miscellaneous photos. Just one of a kind, not fitting in a serie, but pretty photos. To be posted together one day to an audience and not get dusted away on my computer.

I might do this monthly. Or I might not. And do it only when I feel like it. Because hey, that was one of the thoughts behind this blog for me: no rules and fixed grids. Just be totally free and post whatever I like and organically move along with me, my thoughts and moods.


IMG_0722 IMG_0730 IMG_1156 IMG_3223 IMG_3479-bw-w IMG_3517 IMG_3749-bw-w IMG_5440 IMG_8254 IMG_8285 bw IMG_8617 IMG_8704 IMG_9026 IMG_9194 IMG_9311 IMG_9378 IMG_9643 IMG_9677 IMG_9692 IMG_9880 IMG_9883 IMG_9909