The vase & the leaf

Don’t you think the title sounds just like the name of a British pub? I like that. And pubs too :-). Makes me long for England again.

Anyway, this post is nothing like a pub. An introvert, simple post. Just the way I like it. Simple, yet beautiful. A vase and a leaf. I love the colour combination, the simplicity, the stillness, the structures. Not much is needed for beauty.



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P.S. the vase is from Lenneke Wispelwey and is one of my favourite. The leaf comes from our garden :-)


Boys, boys, boys – April 2016


It’s been a while. But I will try to be back :-). I want to really. I love to document some parts of my life visually.

Well, what has been going on in the month of April?

We cycled to the Soesterduinen to play and picknick and pick up some first sun rays. Worked in our garden. I practised some photography lessons with my new camera (!) I was a luckyduck to take over a very little used Canon 5D mark II. And practised a whole lot more. There are some good shots, but man I’m not developing as fast as I would want to… but I still love the process and progress. We went to the beach and our holiday to England started. Life sure is good!

IMG_7754 IMG_7768 bw IMG_7792 IMG_7945 1 IMG_7950 bw IMG_8049 IMG_8056 IMG_8142 IMG_8229 IMG_8233 1 IMG_8247 bw IMG_8503 bwIMG_8588