sLOVEnia – Kobarid

We continued our trip to Kobarid.
We were blown away by the colour of the river Soca.
We welcomed opa and oma.
We foraged a whole lot more.
We climbed the rocks beside the river.
We dipped in the river to cool off.
We fell in love. With a goat.
We paid Ljubljana a visit. Loved it. Strolled a lot to take in pretty views. Went up to the castle. Ate delicious pizza. To top off with ice creams. We saw the sun set.
We did the dishes. A lot. But we had help.
We hiked up the mountain and reached the stunning Javorca church.
We threw stones and created pretty shadows.
We ate pancakes. With stroop. Ofcourse.
We admired the many, many barnes.
We played below the Napoleon bridge and had a magical afternoon.
We took in some last pretty views.
And we drove home. With a whole lot of memories richer. And scars too ;-).


sLOVEnia – Varpolje

Green, mountains, rivers, outdoor and adventure are words that to me describe Slovenia best. After a drive that took 3 (!) days in the end, we arrived at our first campsite in Varpolje. It was really warm and we were really lazy. More than we liked really, but I guess we needed it…


We laughed.
We swam.
We did our laundry.
We walked to the bakery for delicious fresh bread every morning. With a stunning view.
We were a little more lazy.
We foraged the river Savinja. A lot. Mostly for pretty, grlue stones and rusty things.
We played games.
We drank tea. A lot. And devoured soup. A lot too. With that heat.
We were lazy again.
We ate marshmallows at sticks we found in the forest first.
But also walked up the mountain. After first using the cable car and chairlift :-)
We visited the pretty city Maribor on a rainy day and loved it.
We used it as a playground and had humongous ice creams.
We lit a candle for someone very special. And we saw churches through the eyes of our children. So fresh.
Then we drove to Italy for a dip in the sea. To later continue to our new destination…