Silent still lifes

Last week my 3 ‘boys’ were on a minibreak to Germany, so I had some quiet afternoons to myself. And man, did I enjoy them. Listen to music I like. As loud as I want. Eat whenever I feel like it. Appreciated and embraced the silence. And most importantly, play around with my pretties and create (without everything being picked up, touched, walked around with and me shrieking).

I think doing this is one of the things that makes me really happy; creating pretty images. 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


There is something with still lifes. I can’t really explain why, but I always seem to get attracted to them. Here are some painters I admire:

Roos Nagtegaal – Bosnak
Ingrid Smuling
Bernard Cathelin

Love to hear what you think.



52 weeks; a photo a week (21-30)

After a super nice and relaxing holiday,  here’s the third batch of my boys. Week 21 until week 30. Some I really like, others are the best I could do. I really feel like I need some help with my photography. For some reason I don’t get every photo really sharp anymore. No clue what is going on. It is frustrating though. I’m now thinking about what will be the best way for me to improve my photography skills. All tips are welcome :-)

52-2152-21 - a happy, dirty, playing child 52-21 - oudside playing, making him one happy boy

Flynn: childhood unplugged; a happy, dirty, playing child.
Seb: outside playing. Making him one happy boy.

52-2252-22 - caught ya, furious boy 52-22 - such a teas

Seb: caught ya. furious boy.
Flynn: such a tease.

52-2352-23 - dreamy mr. brown eyes 52-23 - stop it mum

Flynn: dreamy mr. brown eyes.
Seb: ‘stop it mum’ – I love this photo.

52-1452-24 - I'm not giving you my eyes 52-24 - on a hot, spring afternoon

Seb: ‘I’m not giving you my eyes’
Flynn: on a hot Spring afternoon.

52-2552-25 - always doing what his brother is doing - with so much pleasure for life 52-25 - this is Seb
Flynn: always doing what is brother is doing. With so much pleasure for life.
Seb: this is Seb. Truly. I feel you can look straight into is heart.

52-2652-26 - learning 52-26 - signature pout bw

Seb: learning.
Flynn: signature pout.

52-27 52-27 - hot summer days, watching telly52-27 - that tongue sure is something and being naked is the best

Seb: hot summer days; watching telly to cool off a little.
Flynn: that tongue sure is something. And being naked is the best.

52-28 52-28---blowing-bubbles-bw-w


blowing bubbles. Facinating.
Seb: being a tiger. Life sure is good.


IMG_3903 IMG_3896

I’m bored. Long car drives to holiday destinations.
Seb: TV stare. In car. With a freshly stiched chin.

52-30 IMG_4321 bw IMG_4419

Seb + Flynn: what summer holidays are about; being care free, smiling, happy children making memories.