Since starting photography school last September, I’ve been practising on studio portraits quite a lot. With a number of photo’s as a result. I think it is about time I share some. These are the portraits I loved best after every session, but already now I can see the growth I have made from the first portraits until now. Such a good feeling as apparently I did grow. While it did not always feel like that.


P.S. and a big thank you to all the beautiful people (inside + out) for willing to model <3

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Dark quietness

An evening in the studio, playing with light and pretty things. Man, it did ask some perseverance of me. From the 400 photo’s I shot, these are the ones I like best.

On a side note: having ‘only a few’ great photo’s is a bit of a mind change and something I need to get used to. But I am learning to do so. And I am almost fine with that ;-)

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