Boys, boys, boys – July 2016

July was a month in which a large part of our summer holiday fell. A holiday we all needed. A lot. The weeks before we all became quieter and more tired. So not so many photo’s for the month of July. But there are a few ones I would like to share. We visited Paleis Soestdijk, school holidays started, heads were shaven, we went to the beach in Wassenaar, played at home, went on holiday, visited Paris once more, ate ice cream (a lot!) and had quite some sunny days <3.

IMG_2824 bw IMG_2861 IMG_2926 bw IMG_3192 bw IMG_3622 IMG_3740 IMG_4055 bw IMG_4266 IMG_4334 IMG_4406 bw

Summer holidays

Today, it’s been exactly one month since we got home from our three week holiday in France. A good moment to reflect. It has been good. Very good. Great weather, with the best company and a beautiful environment. I know this sounds perfect and let’s be honest not all days were great. Just like real life. But I tend to remember the good things :-)


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