Summer holidays

Today, it’s been exactly one month since we got home from our three week holiday in France. A good moment to reflect. It has been good. Very good. Great weather, with the best company and a beautiful environment. I know this sounds perfect and let’s be honest not all days were great. Just like real life. But I tend to remember the good things :-)


1 IMG_3572 IMG_3611 bw IMG_3740 bw IMG_3801 IMG_3834 IMG_3986 1 IMG_4036 IMG_4094 bw IMG_4218 IMG_4253 IMG_4302 bw IMG_4303 IMG_4319 IMG_4327 IMG_4353 IMG_4367 IMG_4373 IMG_4427 IMG_4439 IMG_4466 IMG_4480 IMG_4488 IMG_4490 IMG_4567 IMG_4600 IMG_4634 IMG_4683 bw IMG_4718 IMG_4760 IMG_4793 IMG_4817 IMG_4821 IMG_4970 1 bw

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