Corona diaries – May 2020

Being inside drove us outside
Driving to destination unknown
The need: smell fresh air and be in nature
Water is always a good idea
First a toe
Last stripping down to trunks and plunging in.
Full on.
Loud, free, wild and laughs.
Chattering teeth and warm clothes.
Finish with pizza and coke.
A treat.
The day too ;-)
Friesland you were a much needed gift.


P.S. bye bye flies, you won’t be missed :-)




My black & white post of late last year got me thinking. As I chose to only submit 5 photo’s, there were some photo’s left. Not shared. But not anymore. Here they are :-)

For now here are the ones that didn’t make the cut. Let me know what you think!

























































































































































































































































































































P.S. my submission review by of one of Lens Culture’s reviewers was interesting and I will share it here. Maybe some of you have got something to add. So please feel free to share your opinion.