Betuwe Roadtrip – April 2018

Being Burn-Out made me lose my love for photography.

I’m in de middle of finding it back.

Seeing all the shoots and stories I’ve already made, helps me gaining joy and confidence.

I am so proud of what I already shot.

And one of the reasons I love photo’s is that it brings back memories.

So here’s a story that was sitting on my computer far too long.

This day was a good day.

In the Betuwe in Holland. In Springtime. Full of blossoms.

Hope you like them as much as I do <3


Corona diaries – May 2020

Being inside drove us outside
Driving to destination unknown
The need: smell fresh air and be in nature
Water is always a good idea
First a toe
Last stripping down to trunks and plunging in.
Full on.
Loud, free, wild and laughs.
Chattering teeth and warm clothes.
Finish with pizza and coke.
A treat.
The day too ;-)
Friesland you were a much needed gift.


P.S. bye bye flies, you won’t be missed :-)