Portraiture – Ubah

Please meet Ubah. I first saw this beautiful girl cycling in my neighbourhood. immediately I thought ‘I want to photograph her!’ But putting thoughts into practise, was a different story :-). It then took months  before I saw here again. Then, I had to actually ask. Which I did, rather nervously, but I did. We had such a lovely evening which resulted in some beautiful photo’s.

Thanks so much Ubah!




Photography school – The End

Whoop, whoop! I’ve passed my exam last Saturday. I am so happy and proud. I’m a photographer now. Wow! It was such a good year. Learned so much. Met so many nice people. Had to step outside my comfort zone quite a lot. Which was good. Scary, but good. Had great class mates. Just perfect.


Now I am scared too, I want to keep photography in my life. It’s a must. Like water almost. And ideally partly professionally too. But how? I have no idea. Yet. Until now I could hide behind the fact I was still learning. That is not possible anymore. So if anyone reads this blog and is interested in a collaboration, please let me know :-)

Below are some photo’s I really like, taken during the lessons of the past year (from the lessons business photography, wedding photography, Photoshop  and street photography).

Big Love,

Kill your darlings

Hi ya,

Good but busy times overhere. Concluding my photography lessons into a portfolio is taking quite some of my time. But, I’m almost there…whoop whoop!

I will be sharing loads of these photo’s  after my presention took place. But for now I am very happy to share some photo’s of a session that in the end did not make it into my portfolio. Not because I didn’t like them. I actually love them, but because they did not fit in the total story.