A French Holiday – week 1

Finally I have sorted my holiday photo’s. And I’m ready to share some with you. As there are quite a lot (I find it so hard to choose as I like most of them; something to do with emotions and memories ;-) ) I will post them in 3 different posts. A post for every week we were away. So here comes week 1.

A week in the North West of Normany, close to a village called Sainte Marie du Monte. We stayed for two weeks on this camping and really, really had the best of times. Normany sticked to it’s reputation for not having the best wheather, but we did not take too much notice of that. It was a week of deserted beaches, pretty flowers, pittoresque villages, pink houses (!), picknicks near the sea under the most gorgeous Chalk Cliffs, finding loads and loads of shells, spotting seals, swiming and most important of all, some good and love filled family time.



IMG_3958 IMG_4027 IMG_4118 IMG_4171 IMG_4185 IMG_4228 bw IMG_4244 IMG_4288 IMG_4297 IMG_4306 IMG_4409 IMG_4424 IMG_4432 IMG_4506 IMG_4513 IMG_4549 IMG_4576 IMG_4579

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