52 weeks; a photo a week (31-35)

52-3152-31 - anxiously waiting for the circus to start 52-31 - classic two year old

Seb: waiting anxiously for the circus to arrive.
Flynn: being a classic two year old.


52-3252-32 - hansom 52-32 - such powerfull eyes

Seb: hansom. With his first candy chain :-)
Flynn: such powerful eyes.


52-3352-33 - digging in 52-33 - just tolerating me

Flynn: digging in. Loving it.
Seb: just tolerating me.


52-3452-34 - always holding something in his hands 52-34 - concentration and the tongue

Seb: still always holding something in his hand. Since he was very small.
Flynn: concentration. And that tongue again :-)


52-3552-35 - Such a strong boy 52-35 - Sunday morning-rain-is falling-hanging-around

Seb: such a strong boy.
Flynn: Sunday-morning-rain-is-falling- kind of peaceful morning.

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