52 weeks; a photo a week (36-40)

52-3652-36 - an ordinary saturday 52-36 - post bath

Seb: an ordinary Saturday morning.
Flynn: post shower.


52-3752-37 - after a full school week 52-37 - Mum!!!

Seb: after a full week of school.
Flynn: ‘Mum!!!!’


52-3852-38 - sharing with opa 52-38 - watching people + dressed himself

Flynn: sharing with opa.
Seb: watching people. dressed himself. with precise attention.


52-3952-39 - playing can be done everywhere 52-39 - Swing!

Flynn: playing can be done everywere.
Seb: Swing!


52-4052-40 - minding his own business 52-40 - staring

Flynn: minding his own business.
Seb: observing.

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