At random

Since the start of this blog, I kept a file with miscellaneous photos. Just one of a kind, not fitting in a serie, but pretty photos. To be posted together one day to an audience and not get dusted away on my computer.

I might do this monthly. Or I might not. And do it only when I feel like it. Because hey, that was one of the thoughts behind this blog for me: no rules and fixed grids. Just be totally free and post whatever I like and organically move along with me, my thoughts and moods.


IMG_0722 IMG_0730 IMG_1156 IMG_3223 IMG_3479-bw-w IMG_3517 IMG_3749-bw-w IMG_5440 IMG_8254 IMG_8285 bw IMG_8617 IMG_8704 IMG_9026 IMG_9194 IMG_9311 IMG_9378 IMG_9643 IMG_9677 IMG_9692 IMG_9880 IMG_9883 IMG_9909

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