Egg + Life

A little tribute to our chickens. And also the tiny, little, delicious eggs they produce. I think there is something so beautiful about experiencing this little miracle on a daily basis. Every day, the boys run to the chickens house to see if there are any eggs. If so, they shout: ‘thank you girlies’ and bring the eggs with such care into our house. And it still makes them so happy. And when they drop one, they are so sad. Both touches me; the little pleasures of life.

Some time ago, my father mentioned how bad chickens have been treated often by human kind, while we really should have respected them more because of all they have given, and still give, us. Think about it! It really touched my heart and made me think. Hence this little tribute.

I’m not so very good with words, but maybe you’ll get a bit of what I mean.

With love,

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