52 weeks; a photo a week (51-53)

That’s it. The project is finished (with a bonus week, as this year contained 53 weeks :-). And what fun it was.

The boys won’t mind though, they don’t like the camera anymore. I feel I have to respect that. But I am a little sad. So personally I would love to do another year, especially to develop my photography skills. Maybe doing it a bit looser will work; monthly, every now and then? Let’s see what 2016 will bring. But the first photo’s have already been shot. Lucky shots haha.

With love,

52-5152-51 - contemplation. after a choco sandwich 52-51 - geeky

Seb: contemplation after a choco sandwich
Flynn: geeky


52-5252-52 - concentration. current phase 52-52 - mr. mischief


Seb: concentration. current phase. Lego
Flynn: mr. mischief


52-5352-53 - love. lashes. the end 52-53 - play time.

Seb: love. lashes. the end.
Flynn: play time + animal love!

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