Boys, boys, boys – March 2016

Still quiet overhere. Busy with life I guess. And my photography course! Which I LIKE. A lot. And finally, finally I feel a teensy little growth popping up. Everything is falling together. Now I will have to keep on clicking. The boys are still a favourite subject and weird enough they don’t really mind it anymore. They are tolerating me I guess ;-)

So here are ‘some’ photo’s of March. A month where the days finally became longer and lighter, where we celebrated Seb turning 6 and stuck to our tradition of eating cake with no hands (smultaart), had family reunions over Easter and where the boys hair went from long to short ;-) (cut by aunt Sisi)

IMG_6401 bw IMG_6429 IMG_6465 IMG_6478 IMG_6521 bw IMG_6928 IMG_7035 IMG_7037 IMG_7120 IMG_7184 IMG_7272 IMG_7304 IMG_7309 bw IMG_7364 bw IMG_7400 bw IMG_7433 IMG_7439 bw IMG_7546 bw

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