Photography school – The End

Whoop, whoop! I’ve passed my exam last Saturday. I am so happy and proud. I’m a photographer now. Wow! It was such a good year. Learned so much. Met so many nice people. Had to step outside my comfort zone quite a lot. Which was good. Scary, but good. Had great class mates. Just perfect.


Now I am scared too, I want to keep photography in my life. It’s a must. Like water almost. And ideally partly professionally too. But how? I have no idea. Yet. Until now I could hide behind the fact I was still learning. That is not possible anymore. So if anyone reads this blog and is interested in a collaboration, please let me know :-)

Below are some photo’s I really like, taken during the lessons of the past year (from the lessons business photography, wedding photography, Photoshop  and street photography).

Big Love,

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