52 weeks; a photo a week (1-10)

Inspired by the ladies of the blog The door in the wall I ‘secretly’ joined in  their 52 project. A year long, a photo a week, of each child. Like those ladies I’m mad about photo’s. I think life with children goes way too fast and documenting my boys while practising my photography skills seems like a great combination. The photos might not be perfect, but I’m proud anyway; I took them. With love. Of my boys. And you know what? I see a slight progress every couple of weeks. That makes nice too.

The previous year (2014) I also attempted, inspired by Gray Benko and the #theclickproject. Then life kicked in and I didn’t come further than week 13. But now  I’m truly determined to finish the year. And who knows after that. Maybe another year?

I’ve always loved images. In all its forms (photos, mental photos, graphics, illustrations and just everything my eyes see) and for some reason I always come back to grabbing my camera and take photos.

Below you’ll find week 1 to 10. The rest I will post later in different posts. Knowing myself I will most probably not post the future ones every week, but more likely every couple of weeks.

Well, let’s go and I would love to hear what you think.


52-152-1 - future heartbreaker 52-1 - very serious business

Seb: future heartbreaker.
Flynn: hot chocolate milk: very serious business.

52-252-2 - a glimpse in the future 52-2 - dreamy hansom

Seb: a glimpse in the future.
Flynn: dreamy hansom.

52-352-3 - balloon fest 52-3 - happiest two year old

Seb: balloon fest.
Flynn: happiest two-year old.

52-452-4 - happiest boy with a cookie52-4 - just awake and watching telly
Flynn: happiest boy with a cookie.
Seb: just awake and watching telly.

52-552-5- watching his big brother52-5 - eating sweets and dreaming
Flynn: watching his big brother.
Seb: eating sweets and dreaming. In the rain.

52-652-6 - it's tough being a fox 52-6 - playing

Seb: it’s tough being a fox.
Flynn: playing.

52-752-7 - funny face52-7 - window watching

Flynn: funny face.
Seb: patiently waiting.

52-852-8 - ouch52-8 - playing ninja turtle

Flynn: Ouch!
Seb: being a Ninja Turtle.

52-952-9 - drawing and practising writing52-9 - favourite food, chocolate

Seb: current obsession; drawing and practising name writing.
Flynn: obssesion (like forever): chocolate.

52-1052-10 - admiring his brother52-10 - Wednesday afternoon sandwich

Flynn: admiring his brother.
Seb: Wednesday afternoon sandwich and funny faces.

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