52 weeks; a photo a week (11-20)

As explained in my previous post 52 weeks, I still wanted to post some more of the portraits I’ve shot weekly of my two, darling, active boys. So here comes week 11 til 20:

52-1152-11 - proud of himself 52-11 - real life

Seb: so proud of himself.
Flynn: he sure has got some temper.


52-1252-12 - birthday tradition (smeertaart) 52-12 - caught red handed playing with his brothers new gifts

Seb: birthday tradition (smeertaart).
Flynn: caught red handed playing with his brothers birthday gifts.


52-1352-13 - make the best of a rainy day 52-13 - so peacefull sleeping in our bed

Flynn: make the best of a rainy day.
Seb: so peacefully sleeping in our bed. My heart bursts of love.


52-1452-14 - his happy place 52-14 - 'poesje mauw, kom eens gauw ladidadida'

Seb: his happy place.
Flynn: ‘poesje mauw, kom eens gauw’


52-1552-15 - current phase huh huh huh 52-15 - playing with opa

Flynn: current phase: Huh? Huh? Huh? about a 100 times a day.
Seb: playing with opa.


52-1652-16 - McDreamy 52-16 - Real life

Seb: McDreamy.
Flynn: real life.


52-1752-17 - magical light and the dimple 52-17 - pulling faces in aunties lamp

Flynn: magical light and the dimple.
Seb: pulling faces in aunties lamp.


52-1852-18 - here mum, for you 52-18 - our little chicking is anxiously waiting for the chickens to arrive

Seb: ‘here mum, for you’
Flynn: our little chicken is anxiously waiting for our chickens to arrive.


52-1952-19 - Taking in the world 52-19 - What are you saying

Flynn: taking in the world.
Seb: ‘what are you saying?’


52-2052-20 - My flowerboy, loving flowers nearly as much as his mum 52-20 - Posing

Seb: flowerboy. Loving flowers as much as his mum.
Flynn: posing.

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