Boys, boys, boys – January

In 2015 I managed to fulfill the full year of shooting a photo a week of both our boys. It was such a fun project to do and I really love it that we have a visual diary of the both of them for a full year. It is so nice to have something tangible of their growth. Why not join for another year then? Well, the boys really don’t like me taking photo’s of them that much anymore. And I do not want to chase them or almost harrass them. But. I cannot stop taking photos because that is something I just love doing. I will however put the camera away if they get annoyed… So when possible, I’ll post some photos of them on a monthly basis. I am curious what the year will bring :-)

Here comes the first month. January. A gloomy month with blooms, birthdays, Lego (lots) car naps and dressing up.


IMG_3903 bw IMG_3927 IMG_4142 IMG_4279 bw IMG_4286 bw IMG_4410 bw IMG_4772 bw IMG_4803 IMG_4837 bw IMG_4904

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